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Lute FP Their later album Asylum Acres is superior, but only by a narrow margin. This band is fantastic, making what I call ‘heavy music, softly’. Fantastic clean vocals, killer percussion and songwriting; guitar licks, lyrics, production, this has it all in spades. Killer shit, here.
Geoffrey Cannon
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Geoffrey Cannon There's a majestic power to the combination of Jeff Sander's vocals and acoustic, the drums and the bass. This is one of my all time favorite albums. Period. Favorite track: I Don't Belong.
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"Mesmerizing, mysterious, deep-thought provoking, melodic, mind-blowing. Simply awesome...and very highly recommended!" - Chris, Local Vertical

" Dreadnought is less an album and more a profound religious experience. As light as the wind and as transparent as moonlight, the music on offer here is deeply moving psychedelic acoustic rock. Each song quietly hides joy behind its translucent, shimmering emotions, like a raindrop stuck between panes of glass." - Mark Hensch (Antimusic)

"This could be a classic album if the right promoters got their hands on it. I haven’t heard anyone take on this kind of music with this much success in this whole generation of musicians. I have to take you back to Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, etc. Thats not to say that what I’m hearing is outdated! Far from it. There just isn’t anything this good today to compare it to." - Neo-Zine


released June 14, 2009

All words and music copyright 2006 Jeffrey J. Sanders

Mastered by Carl Saff at saffmastering.com

Artwork by Jeff Gaither at gaithergraphix.com

Drums by Peter Yttergren and Elad Fish

Bass by Guy Bartor and Phil Rohr

Guitars, mellotrons and vocals by Jeff Sanders

Piano on Angelic by Simon Watto Watson

Recorded and mixed down in Cockos Reaper

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Mountain Mirrors

Acoustic metal from the Massachusetts woods for fans of Opeth, Alice In Chains or Pink Floyd.

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Track Name: Born Deranged
I am the flood that washes your soul away
I am the dirge that plays for your yesterday
I don't know how to change
I don't know why
Born Deranged
I am the fire that burns your love to the ground
I am the cloud that follows your truth around
Track Name: Field of Grass
Won't you take me down to a valley of sunshine
Won't you take me down to a field of grass
Won't you fly me away to a distant shore
So I can feel your love forevermore
Won't you take my hand and walk one more mile
Won't you stay by my side?
You know you take me higher
Won't you fly me away to a distant shore
Won't you take me back forevermore
Track Name: I Don't Belong
Crazy's not the word for me
Brain-dead and out of my head
I'm alright the world's wrong
And everywhere I go, I feel...
I don't belong
Brainwashed, have no thoughts
of my own
Not free...they won't leave me be
Track Name: End of Days
Laughing moon stealing the sky
Clouds threaten
Again conspire
Wasted years on the page
Killing fields wars we wage
End of Days
Lost souls dance around the pyre
Grateful flames are reaching higher
Tired sun begins to fade
Shooting stars escaping space
Where's the love?
Track Name: Riot Within
Battle scars fly free
Deadly rain kills the pain
Windowpane dimensionless
Cosmic plan shit-canned
Track Name: Birds in a Rat Race
Take my hand, my love
Feel warmth from above
Leave your world behind
Let love blind your eyes
Birdsong leads the way
To the light of day
Let's split the world in two
And we'll fly away to where we belong
Flowing as the stream
Fall into a dream
Birdsong leads the way
To the light of day
Track Name: Better Days
Burn this moment in my mind
Keep it in my heart
Until the end of time
Bluer skies are Falling
But better days are calling
Please let this moment stay
Time moves on
Haven't felt the sun in so long
Track Name: A Spell to Block the Sun
She stole the heavens from your sky
And showed a broken man to fly
Cast a spell to block the sun
And shone her light on everyone
She cast your past into the well
No future but you live to tell
She led you to a river red
Kaleidoscopes, loved ones undead
Smiled and whispered in your ear
Secrets that you long to hear
Of visions, music in the wind
No more pain. Magic. Light within...
Track Name: Angelic
When I can't see the forest for the trees
You call my name and I hear angels in the breeze
When I feel Hell
You lift me up to Heaven
And when I'm gone you bring me down to earth again
You make me believe
In angels
When I feel pain
You get me high
And when the days are black you bring the night
You bring the light

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