Lunar Ecstasy

by Mountain Mirrors

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Imagine Opeth, Nick Drake and Pink Floyd jamming acoustic dirges around a fire in the woods under a full moon, while the outside world blows itself to bits. Sweet smoke in the breeze, apparitions and lost souls revel in the sound.

"Mind Blowing" - Darryl Baysinger, HELLRIDE MUSIC

"Mountain Mirrors' "Lunar Ecstasy" is a brilliant piece of work. Fit for poets and travelers and seekers and those just wanting something sweet and sad, yet beautiful to listen to." - Deanna St. Croix,

"A masterpiece!" - Stefan Koglek, COLOUR HAZE

"5/5 Rating" -


released January 30, 2004

All words and music copyright Jeffrey J. Sanders

Symphonic orchestration by Derek Devore

Violin solo in "Lunar Ecstasy" by Brad Athey

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Mountain Mirrors

Acoustic metal from the Massachusetts woods for fans of Opeth, Alice In Chains or Pink Floyd.

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Track Name: A Short Burst of Clarity
I was torn apart by madness

thrashed about on the rocks by Karmic Storm

I was kicking around in a sea of Forgotten Souls...trying to stay - afloat

In a short burst of clarity, I called out to the Lord

I was floating in a vacuum

memories flashing through the skies

clouds formed an ominous picture

reminding years gone by
Track Name: Lunar Ecstasy
When the day breaks, she sings to the Moon

sings a song that ends too soon

and when the day is done

she blows kisses to the sun

and she doesn't even know it...When she smiles, flowers bloom

colours which have No Name

Her Dreams paint the World

colours which have No Name

And she doesn't even know it...
Track Name: Your Sacred Space
Are You happy with Your life today?

are Your Ghosts in the ground? Have they withered away?

when You look in the mirror, do You recognize The Eyes?

and do you have the time to return to Your Sacred Space?

Have You told Them You Loved Them Today?

or have They long ago passed away?

do You realize They heard apology You made?

and do You hold so dear The Ones who've stayed in Your Sacred Space?
Track Name: Where the Green Meets the Blue
On a hill above the trees

I heard an angel calling me

Where the green meets the blue

I saw a Light which led You

Where the Green Meets the Blue

Spiraling onward into The Night

spellbound on my free...
Track Name: Last Resort
Cast three stones into the river and I lost my mind...lost my mind

lit a candle in the temple...for the thirteenth time

Can You hear me??

By the light of the moon, She gave Life to a burning Fireburning Fire

sometimes, in Her dreams She watches the Flames...grow higher and higher

Can You hear me?Do you care?
Track Name: Agent Orange
Crawling through the rain spreading Death...He was twenty one

the revolution's over - but the killing's just begun

three tours of Nam, they say He's not quite right in the head

He left his Soul in the jungle with the bodies of the Dead

God Damn the manwho sold me the war!

Signed the contract. Mandatory Suicide.Now He's Home. He wonders why He's still alive.

"Victory is effortless" - that's what they said.

He left His Soul in the jungle with the corpses of His friends

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