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legrosbouc This album litteraly saved my life. I needed to be understood in a time of great emotional pain, and the feelings conveyed gave me what I needed, day after day. thank you, far more than you think.
Caleb Jardine
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Caleb Jardine Excellent dark acoustic sound.
Wade Knapik
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Wade Knapik Reminiscent of Alice In Chains' unplugged/acoustic albums, which is quite the compliment. All around great songs. Favorite track: Your Time Has Come.
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    "Astral cosmic mystic acoustic rock. Magic-making organic music with balsamic lyrics."

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"Imagine if you will, walking through a forest that’s enshrouded in dense fog. Visibility is only a few hundred feet in any direction. Moisture glistening off of the surrounding foilage as your breath bellows from your mouth in a cloud of steam. The crunch of leaves and decay under every footstep being the only sound to accompany the animal-like howl of the wind. Kinda’ creepy out here all alone, huh? That’s the power of Mountain Mirrors self titled album." - The Ripple Effect

"It is a perfect and delicious album to listen to and relax with a good glass of wine within reach."
- LordsofMetal

"The slightly folky acoustic guitars, sweet drum cadences, subtle keyboard sounds, and most importantly Sanders' otherwordly vocals, when combined, do invite comparisons to names like Opeth, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, and even Alice In Chains' unplugged material, but overall, the music presented on this disc is in a league all its own."
- Sea of Tranquility

"there is something magic in this release, it's poetry really. Also, the deep melancholic voice of Jeff is really beautiful and for sure some of you will be touched by its quality and will have some good feeling when you'll listen to it."

"This is the kind of album that if it really clicks with you, you’ll totally fall for its unique mood and character and revisit the album for years to come. "

"The song craft is excellent and the choice of instruments to play this music is oh so tasty."


The Songs :: in Jeff's words:

Stay Evil ::
It's about following a spiritual path and finding some enlightenment. And how things the world perceives as good and evil are...relative.

The Demon's Eye ::
The lyrics to this song came in a flash of inspiration like I've never felt before. What does it mean to you?

Karmic Dogs ::
This is also about the relativity of good and evil. Maybe some bad deeds bring good karma. And the other way around.

Your Time Has Come ::
Imagine the innocent victims of a sadistic, power-mad ruler as they rise from the ground, laughing. Finally able to partake in Judgment Day.

Calm Before the Storm ::
This uses the Four Horsemen as a metaphor for how the world feels sometimes these days. Every time we turn on the damn news, it seems like Armageddon. And if you dig deep enough into a lunatic's prophesies, you'll find them happening everywhere.

Alone in a Crowd ::
We all know how it feels to be in a crowd of people and feel completely alone inside. For some people, it's all the time.

Deploribus Unum ::
Sometimes it feels like if there's a God, He, She or It has abandoned us. Or maybe we drove them away...then again, in an infinite universe, how much time can God devote to a parasitic human race?

Praying Mantis ::
This is the first song I wrote after "Lunar Ecstasy" - right after my grandfather passed away. Maybe the most lost I've ever felt in my life. I put it down and came back to it after seeing a documentary about the death of the great John Lennon...Shot in the back in front of the Dakota hotel by Mark Chapman. The working title for awhile was "Devil at the Dakota". I just didn't feel right releasing it under that title, so a meditation produced the title "Praying Mantis".


released June 15, 2006

All words and music copyright Jeffrey J. Sanders

Drums and keys by Elad Fish at

Bass by Guy Bartor at

Cello by Claire "Ambiencellist" Fitch at

Guitars, mellotron and vocals by Jeff Sanders

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Mountain Mirrors

Acoustic metal from the Massachusetts woods for fans of Opeth, Alice In Chains or Pink Floyd.

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Track Name: Stay Evil
Burn - burn away the haze
that dulls yesterday
Cross - the bridge that leads to Heaven
then blow it away
fan the flames that burn my soul
blaze a path across my road
so I can stay...evil
Feed - the bird in my tree
before you make her bleed
Help - me get born again
before you bring the end
Track Name: The Demon's Eye
Far behind the light of day
the demons stray
the lies obey
Down below the Blessed Sun
the Devil runs
it has begun
On black wings flies...the Demon's Eye
From within the black of night
a puppet's light
shone out of spite
Miles away a wolven feast
a fallen beast...has been released
On black wings flies...the Demon's Eye
Dancing on your grave
your soul can't be saved
you'll always be a slave...
be a slave
Track Name: Karmic Dogs
I am just a riff of blues
headlight deer (wearing) hunterskin shoes
and I am just a waste of space
pollution fish (with a) hook in your face
and I've got to run...
Because I know
Karmic Dogs are on my trail...
I am just a number and
been beat down by the healing hand
and I am just a papered fly
poison apple of your eye
Track Name: Your Time Has Come
spineless thief of light
vultures stalk your night
eternal your pain
judgment falls like rain
Your time has come...
darkening your dreams
veiled in blackness...unseen
no more you'll hear their cries
laughing as they rise
Track Name: Calm Before the Storm
brother have you heard the news?
the pale horse is on the loose
sister do you realize
a red horse is on the rise
and it always feels like
the calm before the storm
Mother Earth please don't you cry
a black horse darkens the sky
Father Time you know the score
the white horse rides forevermore
Track Name: Alone in a Crowd
there's a hangman in the gallows of your soul
in the distance the bell tolls
for the day
you travelled on and crack the smiles of the dead
you listened over and over to the lies of a friend
alone in a crowd - they don't know
alone in a crowd - you won't show
there's a sun that never shines in the past
there's a light in the eye of the storm
you travelled on and wake the killer from a dream
kept searching over and over for love in the obscene
Track Name: Deploribus Unum
oh Lord what have you done?
did you let the Devil steal the sun?
did you sell our souls? do you feel the pain?
when you realise your love is in vain?
If there is a God out there...he surely must be blind...
and if there is a God out there, he must have left the world
my friend, God loves his children
God loves his children, don't you know?
did you see the Reaper tap Mother Nature's shoulder?
did you see the sheep carried...
off to war?

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