The Immortal Deadbeats EP

by Mountain Mirrors

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    "Astral cosmic mystic acoustic rock. Magic-making organic music with balsamic lyrics."

    Sort of a "Sgt. Pepper's" inspired EP from Mountain Mirrors. On this 4-song EP, Jeff wrote the music as fictitious prog rock masterminds "The Immortal Deadbeats".

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Sort of a "Sgt. Pepper's" inspired EP from Mountain Mirrors. On this 4-song EP, Jeff wrote the music as fictitious prog rock masterminds "The Immortal Deadbeats". The background:

Mountain Mirrors began in a voodoo-riddled mountainside catacomb in the year 2004.

There, in the pitch-black darkness, fugitive Jeff Sanders experienced a life-changing vision quest...full of beautiful demonic sirens, three-breasted cyclops oracles and small, cuddly animals.

Tripping balls from an evil concoction of sensory deprivation and menacing curse vibrations, the Sandman carved the lyrics and music that would become the foundation for the first MM album, 2004's Lunar Ecstasy into those filthy stone walls.

Jeff released two more CDs since then, and in the winter of 2008 he returned to that evil mountainside to work on a fourth CD.

With the help of deviant musical masterminds Per Ulfhielm and Magnus "Trummange" Brandell of Odd Grooves fame, this would prove to be no ordinary CD. Like a perfect storm of epic proportions, it would become...

The Immortal Deadbeats EP.

"Holy crap! Dude . . . This new EP is f#@$ing wild, out of control, and so f#@$ing awesome! I've never done a feature review on a mere four songs before, but this EP isn't merely four songs." - Pope John-O, The Ripple Effect

"Mountain Mirrors continues their upward trajectory as a project that just gets more and more interesting with each release. Mainman Jeff Sanders' has tapped into a warm, organic and lush feel for this EP, giving it firm footing in fleeting hints of good progressive rock of yesteryear but fortunately not caving into the pretentions of that scene. More importantly, The Immortal Deadbeats does not sound dated. And unlike most progressive rock outfits, Mountain Mirrors does not spend your precious valuable time noodling away on throwaway exercises in musical dexterity." - John Chedsey, Satan Stole My Teddybear


released May 1, 2009

All words and music Copyright Jeffrey J. Sanders

Album art based on "In Night" by Yasin Hassan (layout by Michael Wojcik at

Guest musicians: Per Ulfhielm and Magnus "Trummange" Brandell of Odd Grooves.

Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Mastering

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Mountain Mirrors

Acoustic metal from the Massachusetts woods for fans of Opeth, Alice In Chains or Pink Floyd.

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Track Name: Owned Again
You stupid shit, you got owned again
and blame Satan for the Hell you're in
there's a killer in your head who'd love to see you drown
and the savior of your soul
is just a laughing clown
Still I believe in you
Head like a stone, you believe your own
lies laugh as they rise
look to the sky with The Finger held high
now your ghosts are gone and you wonder why
Track Name: Ascension Vibes
get out of my head
leave my soul alone
get out of my sight
leave my head alone
you no longer have
this is the end of all that's real
Track Name: Immortal Deadbeats
Immortal deadbeats with zombie eyes
forsaken vultures in fractured black skies
unfeeling angels on powertrip planes
half-eaten mindrats drain rivers of pain
Crawl back in your hole if you can't breathe
this evil air
or grow yourself a pair and rise above
this nightmare
Blue-blooded weirdos scowl
foolishness curse
nuked cyclops babies inherit the earth
aftermath zeros spill suicide vibes
spiral noose halos fiending hourglass bribes
Curl up in the corner if you can't believe
the end is near
or grow yourself a pair and rise above
this nightmare
Track Name: Wash Me Away
Went down to the tracks and waited for the train
to come and run me down again
felt the cold chill
heard the rumble in the distance
and it disappeared into the wind
Sat down by the ocean and waited for the tide
to wash me away
it's about as low as it can go
it's been that way
all day
Climbed up that evil mountain
waited for the lightning to strike me down
think I'll stay here for a thousand years
nobody down there wants me around

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